Words and Sounds provides the best in live music for your wedding ceremony throughout southern Ontario, including Toronto, Hamilton and all points from Niagara Falls through to Oshawa and up to Guelph. We specialize in Catholic church weddings, but that’s not all.

live music ontarioAs a solo artist and with others, guitarist, singer and keyboardist Tony Gosgnach has performed at numerous wedding ceremonies over the past 30-plus years. Many couples have entrusted the music for their special day to either him alone or to him and his associated musicians and singers. His experience working with so many couples makes him well-versed to provide you with just what you need for your milestone occasion.

Tony will work with you first to determine what type of arrangement would work best for your ceremony and budget — solo guitar and voice? Or perhaps you would like to add a supplementary instrument, such as flute or violin? Maybe another voice or two?

Then, he will go over what songs you would like performed at various points in the ceremony. Tony can provide you with a demonstration CD so you can listen to samples of songs that have worked well for other couples over the years. Of course, you are free to select your own songs, subject to the approval of the presiding minister and the musical demands of the piece.

Tony will take care of everything concerning the music of the ceremony, including liaising with the presiding minister, if need be, as well as contracting and rehearsing supporting musicians and singers if they are commissioned. He will also cover all other requirements, including providing the needed equipment and setting up and calibrating the sound system.

Find out more about how Tony and his associated musicians and singers at Words and Sounds can make your special day as memorable as it can be with the best in music for your ceremony. Contact him today at e-mail or telephone (905) 865-3038.

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