Words and Sounds provides professional editing, proofreading and English-French translation services of your written copy so that it creates maximum impact and achieves the purposes for which you intended it. Tony Gosgnach has worked extensively as an editor over the past two-plus decades and will ensure your words are looked at with the critical eyes they require.

He will review your copy and apply any of a number of possible modifications you desire, including correction and re-organization. The goal is to produce the most accurate, correct, consistent and complete final product possible. You can choose from several degrees of editing, depending on what would be most appropriate for the state of your copy:

  • Proofreading is the mildest form of editing, wherein minor errors are corrected. This includes corrections to grammar, style, capitalization, punctuation, spelling and word usage
  • Copyediting is more intensive and corrects such problems as incorrect grammar, style, needless repetition, ineffective word usage and useless jargon
  • Substantive editing is the most intensive and involves reviewing your copy as a whole so that problems of structure, organization, coherence and consistency are corrected. You may find sentences removed or added, paragraphs rewritten, condensed or expanded and blocks of text moved from place to another

Professional editing helps guarantee the excellence of your document, while achieving your goals, boosting your bottom line and saving you precious time, too. It will make the difference between establishing and enhancing the credibility, stature, authority and trust factor of your publication, organization or cause and losing them. Have your copy professionally edited to make sure it is the best it can be.

Tony Gosgnach

Editing, editorTony has worked as an editor, assistant or associate editor, editorial board member and production assistant during the past 20-plus years, in addition to being a media content provider and regularly published freelance writer for numerous publications and outlets. He is a member of the Professional Writers Association of Canada.

He received his formal training at the University of Western Ontario (now Western University) in London, Ontario, where he was conferred with a master of arts degree in journalism in 1995 and won the Louise O’Neil Scholarship in Journalism. This followed undergraduate degrees from McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario in the subjects of English and history (honors B.A.) in 1993 and religious studies in 1994 (B.A.), both summa cum laude.

Since that time, his editorial resume has included serving as:

  • Editorial board member for Catholic Insight magazine in Toronto, ON
  • Assistant editor of The Interim newspaper in Toronto, ON
  • Head editor of The Endeavour newspaper in Burlington, ON
  • Editorial board member of The Interim newspaper
  • Associate editor of The Interim newspaper
  • Freelance production assistant for The Endeavour newspaper
  • Media subcommittee member on the Jubilee 2000 organizing committee for the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Hamilton in Hamilton, ON

Marie-Eve Brideau

Brideau, Marie-EveMarie-Eve is a native of Rimouski, Quebec and has worked in French-to-English and English-to-French translation for 15 years. She has translated for such prominent companies as Whirlpool Canada, Transcontinental Media, Atlas Tire Wholesale Inc. and CDW Canada Inc. as both an employee and a freelancer. She also provides services including translation, revision and proofreading of flyers, catalogues, websites and text for social media, packaging and newsletter articles.

Mastering Canada’s two official languages has always been Marie-Eve’s passion, as well as bringing the joys of each language to young and old alike. A tech-savvy individual who smartly uses technology to achieve goals, Marie-Eve is a devoted follower of the “Work Smarter” philosophy and is dedicated to making companies work more efficiently with their bilingual content, as well as ensure their message rings clear and is properly adapted to the specific needs and demands of the Canadian market.

Contact Words and Sounds today and find out what professional editing services can do for your document or publication. We can be reached by e-mail at media@wordsandsounds.ca or telephone at (905) 865-3038.